Our mission

Our mission is to enable global merchants to connect seamlessly with billions of emerging market users.

dLocal is an all-in-one payment platform connecting global merchants to over 600 payment methods in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our unique solution is helping global companies to offer their customers a simple solution for making online transactions easy, and for paying local sellers and partners by depositing the funds in the local currency, directly to their local account.

Our Products


Master local payment collection in emerging markets. Boost payment conversion rate and reach by offering your users a payment experience they choose daily.


Send mass payouts easily to Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Pay your local sellers and partners depositing local currency directly to their local bank accounts.


merchants and PSPs use dLocal’s in emerging markets

dLocal History

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    dLocal is born launching its Payins and Payouts solutions in 8 countries. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Mexico,Turkey, and Uruguay.

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    dLocal expands to Peru, now operating in 9 countries and launches its Marketplace solution.

    New features launched:
    • Instant Confirmation Cash Payments
    • Direct Debit in Argentina
    • Card Tokenization
    • Payouts Dashboard

    Improved functionalities:
    • Smart routing 1.0
    • Fallback routing
    • Local multi-acquiring feature
    • APM reminders

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    dLocal expands to India, Morocco and Paraguay, now operating in 12 countries.

    New features launched:
    • New API 2.0
    • Subscription payments with recurring payments
    • BIN detector
    • Smart Fields
    • Campaign and promotional codes

    Improved functionalities:
    • enabling Payouts in hold
    • Direct APMs

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    dLocal expands to Ecuador, Indonesia, South Africa and Nigeria, now operating in 16 countries and welcomes GA as an investor.

    New features launched:
    • Local-to-local payments service
    • Digital gift cards as a mean of payment for subscription in advance
    • Invoice and payment information to end users in India

    Improved functionalities:
    • Pay-outs payments to digital accounts
    • Added a smart routing layer
    • Fraud solution 2.0

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    dLocal expands to Egypt, Bolivia, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Panama, Bangladesh, Costa Rica and Philippines now operating in 26 countries and achieves unicorn status following a secondary round of US$20M investment led by GA, reaching the US$1.2B valuation.

    New features launched:
    • Fraud prevention API
    • Multi-currency settlement
    • Pay-outs through Secure File Transfer Protocol

    Improved functionalities:
    • Tax manager 2.0
    • New Merchant Dashboard

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    dLocal expands to Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Domenican Republic and closes a new round of $150M investment led by Alkeon Capital alongside BOND, D1 Capital Partners, and Tiger Global, reaching the US$ 5B valuation.

    New features launched:
    • Issuing as a service

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